Monday, 10 September 2012


I'm pleased to report that the close of my competition went very well! both people were very pleased to win and both said they rarely win things so that was nice :)

I've been up to some new crafting - papercraft pictures. I really want to go and buy new papers for this, I feel so inspired by it. At the moment though, I'm not sure my crafting ability will match what my head has come up with! :D

I actually got into all my crafting through a love of baking (that I didn't connect with crafting for ages) and being introduced to papercraft (making gift cards) by my friend Rachel. It's really nice to come back round to it and still enjoy it as much as I did originally! You should check out my friend Rachel's blog as well - Crafty Weekend - as she's still inspiring me with what she gets up to!

~Miss 50s

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