Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Craft Fair stalls

It's a strange post-relaunch world :)

I feel that yesterday went really well, I hope to be able to keep up some of the foot traffic to my shop that I achieved yesterday. If you went by and checked out my shop - thank you very much!

Anyway, today brings me to thinking about craft fairs. I'm applying for stalls at 3 or 4 places in time for Christmas, and am likely to have a stall at my day job in December too. So I've been thinking about how to dress it, how to make it look interesting and most importantly, how to encourage people to buy things! :D Etsy have a good article on thinking outside the box, but I am starting from scratch and low on funds. Does anyone have any top tips on how to dress a stall? Or ideas for low cost but interesting things to do?

Of course I have to actually get a place at some of the fairs first, but I like to be hopeful about these things! I will keep you all updated on how I will be dressing my stall as I go. After all, what's the point in having a blog like this if I don't share my experiences - there's lots of advice out there on what to do, but I hope my perspective on how I attempt to launch a craft business is interesting to you. And I will be adding posts on interesting makes too, in case craft business stuff doesn't entertain you!

~ Miss 50s xoxo

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