Sunday, 20 January 2013


I have always loved silhouettes and similar style pictures, so when my friend Rachel and I decided to go to the Papercutting course at The Make Lounge in London, I was very excited!

The course is taught by the fabulous Poppy Chancellor, who had set up a picture outline for us to practise on and then a choice of picture outline that we could be a little bit more precise with!

This is the one I picked:

I was really pleased with how it came out, even if I can't take credit for the design :)

We then did a design of our own making. As you can see in Rachel's blog, hers came out really well! Mine was less so, as I took longer over the picture above. :)

However, when I got home, I had been bitten by the bug, and decided to make a papercut Christmas card for my Mum.

All you need to do something similar is a cutting mat, scalpel, paper (normal to thick paper probably best, card is much harder) and a pencil to draw a design with. Then something to mount it on - in all cases here I used a thick paper.

So first I drew a design. There isn't a lot of designs or templates around, but I found a picture to sort-of-copy. I actually drew it backwards so that I wouldn't have to erase my pencil marks, but that was very hard work!

And the final product:

Have a go yourself - it's addictive!

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